What To Look For When Selecting Your JEE Coaching Academy?

Parents and students spend a lot of time screening and selecting the coaching academy that offers the best classes for JEE in Navi Mumbai.  You need to get help from a coaching academy or else you would put yourself in a disadvantageous position because 99% of students who appear for their JEE will be able enrolled in one of these coaching classes. You will therefore not be able to combat with those who get professional coaching. 

Just because you need to select a coaching academy for JEE and JEE advanced in Thane, you must not pick some dubious coaching academies. There are of course countless options in every city but not all of them offer equally reliable coaching services. You need to do your homework before selecting the coaching institutes.

The coaching academy must have highly experienced teaching faculty. Many of us try to find the oldest and well established coaching academies thinking that they offer the best coaching services. What we do not realize that it is not just the name of the coaching academy that matters but who is offering the coaching services is what matters the most. The coaching faculty must have several years of experience and only then as a student you will benefit. The coaching academy may have been around for two decades but if all the teaching faculty are just one or two years experienced then you cannot expect a great service. The next time when you are selecting your coaching academy, you must keep this factor in mind.

Does the coaching academy have both online and offline classes? It is best to select an academy that offers both online and offline classes because when you have both modes of classes your preparation will not be disrupted even if there is a lock down as we experienced in the case of Covid19. 

Regular tests must also be conducted by your coaching academy. These tests will prepare you better for the JEE. You will gain familiarity with the JEE pattern, and it will help you attend your JEE with more confidence as you would have taken so many mock tests. The class size should be small, and it must not have more than 25 to 30 students. Some of the coaching academies have 60 to 70 students per class. Such a high students’ strength per class will affect the overall quality of the classes. You will also not feel confident about the portions covered in such a crowded class. Your faculties will not be able to give personal attention to all the students if the class size is huge. 

Take your time to review and screen as many coaching academies as you need to before selecting your institute. Do your homework well in advance so that you are not forced to look for a new academy after signing up or enrolling in one. Many coaching academies with excellent facilities and experienced faculty are waiting for you.


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