What to Look For In an Early Learning Center

A lot of parents are starting to look into early learning centers, but it’s hard to know where to start. This blog post identifies ten essential things to consider when choosing an early learning centre for your child.

1. Location

Look at where the center is located. Ideally, it should be in your local neighborhood. The reason for this is that you’re more likely to drop in spontaneously than if you have to drive there. If it is a long way away, ask if they have a transportation provider to pick up and drop off your child regularly.

2. Staff

Approachable staff members who interact with parents are a must. They’re not robots who only deal with enrolments; they need to be friendly and patient and easily fit in with your child’s personality.

3. Teaching focus

Ask whether the center primarily focuses on teaching toddlers, preschoolers, or both (or something else). Many centers will claim they teach both but only focus on one or the other.

4. Curriculum

A curriculum is also essential if you want to choose based on what your child needs rather than what the center provides. For example, if you’re concerned about how your child does at school, you can find out what she’s learning at home and decide whether she needs to understand it in the center.

5. Kindergarten or year 1?

Ask when the center offers Kindergarten and Year 1 so that you know whether they offer a curriculum geared towards children who do not have English as their first language.

6. Activities

Ask whether the center offers a variety of activities, both in the daytime and at night. Consider how much you’re willing to pay (and whether or not you think it’s worth it). It would be best to focus on areas your child will be interested in.

7. Discipline

Ask about discipline to see how the center handles it. Some centers will have a policy of encouraging children to solve their problems, whereas others will have a more strict approach.

8. Learning materials

Ask about the type of learning materials they use and whether or not they have a library where parents can check out books for their children to read. This can be good if you want your child to learn at home.

9. Parent participation

Ask whether they encourage parent participation, especially during the first few weeks after your child has enrolled. They should especially encourage parents new to the center struggling with their English speaking ability.

10. Infrastructure

Think about the quality of the building and how well it’s kept (and whether it’s wheelchair accessible, for example). Try to find out how many staff members work in the center and whether they all speak your child’s language.


This is an in-depth guide to finding a preschool for your child. It will help you find the right preschool for your child. Hope you’ll find the best early learning centre when you complete your search.

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